About Us

Sisonke is a sex worker led non-profit organisation advocating for the decriminalisation of adult, consented sex work in South Africa, allowing elimination of human rights violations and thereby affording sex workers, a key population an opportunity for full access to healthcare and equality before law.


Our vision is to see a South Africa where sex work is recognised as work,
 where sex workers’ health and human rights are ensured.


Our aim is to unite sex workers, improve our living and working conditions and fight for equal access to basic human rights. We know that united we will have a voice:

  • We do not want to be labelled as criminals
  • We want criminalisation of sex work to be repealed
  • We want our rights to be respected like any other person in South Africa 
  • For sex work to be recognised as work and a legitimate form of income in South Africa
  • We demand the right to make a living

Nothing about us without us.